Binoculars – a transit solution

A ranger client asked us if we could come up with a secure storage solution for his Explorer binoculars. When not in use scanning the land in his charge, they would need protection from excess water ingress and, more importantly, being bashed about in the back of his Toyota Hilux! I’m not sure the Max case can claim to be as ‘bullet-proof’ as a Hilux, but time will tell….So far, he says, the Max 235 is keeping up. We’ll revisit him in a few years to see how both are fairing.

VHF Radio

A sailing customer asked us for a completely secure way of storing his emergency VHF radio whether in storage over the winter, in transit to the boat or on board a yacht slamming into a head sea. They wanted to minimise any degradation to the radio due to moisture and the constant buffeting from the boats’ motion. The perfect solution was a precise, custom foam design that fits perfectly into a IP67 Max 235 h105. This combination ensures that this important kit functions if required in an emergency! When you need piece of mind think Max!

It’s a dog’s life!

His name isn’t Max, it’s Buddy, but he’s good at giving our handy Max235 some scale! Ideal for the safe, waterproof storage of all your valuable kit.

Max in his berth

A Max case keeps the stress of digital soakings to a minimum. IP67 rated and made to last. Essential kit on board!

MAX on board


A sailing yacht is an unforgiving environment for your digital friends…

…Bumps, bashes and leaks all combine to threaten their appearance and functionality. But we can’t leave the little dears at home can we? In a modern world we rely on them so much, even luddites like me.

The answer? MAX cases!

Made in Italy, IP67 rated, completely waterproof, impact resistant and dust-free it will allow you to relax the next time the boat heels or the rain decides to pour. Protected in its’ safe cocoon you can relax knowing the crash below decks will not result in your iPhone exploding back to its’ component parts!